Patent Number: 8,573,951

Title: Pool recirculation pump safety system and method

Abstract: A pool recirculation pump safety system includes a power supply assembly operable to selectively supply operating power to a recirculation pump motor, an entrapment detection assembly operable to detect a change in a recirculation system parameter indicative of swimmer entrapment at a suction intake opening, and a timer assembly operable to automatically bypass the entrapment detection assembly for a predetermined time period upon energization of the system. During operation of the recirculation pump motor, the system is configured to secure operating power to the recirculation pump motor upon detection of the indicative recirculation system parameter change after the predetermined time period. The entrapment detection assembly and the timer assembly can be arranged to form a switchable neutral connection for a power relay of the power supply assembly.

Inventors: Beckham; Lewis Steven (Cortez, FL)

Assignee: Play-It-Safe Technologies, LLC

International Classification: F04B 49/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017