Patent Number: 8,574,147

Title: Pressure-to-tension conversion device for treating urinary incontinence

Abstract: Disclosed is a pressure-to-tension conversion device for treating urinary incontinence. The pressure-to-tension conversion device includes resilient sections which are inserted in and occupy Retzius spaces positioned in left and right sides of the urethra in front of the urinary bladder, respectively, and a support extending below the urethra and across the resilient sections in a "V" shape, wherein if the resilient sections are deformed as the abdominal pressure increases and the Retzius spaces contract, the support is tensioned, thereby supporting the urethra, so that the urinary incontinence can be treated. Consequently, the length of operation time for transplanting the pressure-to-tension conversion device can be shortened, a complication or a side effect can be reduced, and the charges of operation can be reduced. In addition, expensive operation materials can be substituted by the pressure-to-tension conversion apparatus, the costs for operation materials can be saved.

Inventors: Yi; Jeong Yoon (Daejeon, KR), Yi; Hwa Jeong (Daejeon, KR), Yi; Su Ho (Daejeon, KR)


International Classification: A61F 2/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017