Patent Number: 8,574,388

Title: Method and device for the automated manufacture of at least one elongate composite material part with one or more layers

Abstract: A method and device for automated manufacture of an elongated composite material part having at least one layer. The method includes depositing, by unrolling onto a mold, in a first direction, along the mold, an assembly having a composite material layer separably attached to a substrate tape, and forming and compacting part of the assembly onto the mold in the first direction. The assembly is partially shaped to the shape of the mold, and then a remaining portion of the assembly is formed and compacted in a second direction, opposite the first direction, to shape the assembly completely to the shape of the mold. Then the assembly is separated, by peeling the substrate tape from the composite material layer that is secured to the mold, by unrolling the substrate tape in the second direction.

Inventors: Colombo; Denis (Sanary sur Mer, FR), Valibouse; Pierre (Le Revest, FR), Mailhot; Dominique (La Seyne sur Mer, FR), Micheaux; Dominique (Sanary sur Mer, FR)

Assignee: Constructions Industrielles de la Mediteranee-CNIM

International Classification: B29C 70/38 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017