Patent Number: 8,574,544

Title: Pharmaceutical composition of nanoparticles

Abstract: The invention discloses a pharmaceutical composition of nanoparticles consisting of chitosan, a negatively charged substrate, and at least one bioactive agent that is encapsulated within cucurbiturils for oral delivery. The chitosan-based nanoparticles are characterized with a positive surface charge and enhanced permeability for oral drug delivery.

Inventors: Sung; Hsing-Wen (Hsinchu, TW), Nguyen; Ha Giang Thi (Hsinchu, TW), Su; Fang Yi (Hsinchu, TW), Chuang; Er-Yuan (Hsinchu, TW), Liao; Zi-Xian (Hsinchu, TW), Tu; Hosheng (Newport Beach, CA)

Assignee: GP Medical, Inc.

International Classification: A61K 51/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017