Patent Number: 8,574,587

Title: Selective heated extraction of albumin proteins from intact freshwater algal cells

Abstract: Methods for selective extraction and fractionation of algal proteins from an algal biomass or algal culture are disclosed. A method of selective removal of products from an algal biomass provides for single and multistep extraction processes which allow for efficient separation of algal proteins. These proteins can be used as renewable sources of proteins for animal feedstocks and human food. Further, lipids remaining in the algal biomass after extraction of proteins can be used to generate renewable fuels.

Inventors: Kale; Aniket (Chandler, AZ)

Assignee: Heliae Development, LLC

International Classification: A61K 36/02 (20060101); C07K 14/76 (20060101); C07K 1/36 (20060101); C12N 1/12 (20060101); C07K 14/405 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017