Patent Number: 8,574,748

Title: Holding mechanism and electronic device using the same

Abstract: A holding mechanism for holding a battery includes a retaining member, a resisting member ant at least two limiting members. The retaining member limits the battery from movement in a first direction. The resisting member corresponds to the retaining member and engages with the retaining member to cooperatively support and limit the battery from movement in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction. The at least two limiting members are arranged at opposite sides of the retaining member and are used for limiting the battery from movement in a third direction. The third direction is perpendicular to the first direction and the second direction. An electronic device using the holding mechanism is also provided.

Inventors: Liu; Wei (Shenzhen, CN), Wang; Na (Shenzhen, CN), Zhao; Bao-Gang (Shenzhen, CN), Zhao; Ting-Ting (Shenzhen, CN)

Assignee: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd.

International Classification: H01M 2/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017