Patent Number: 8,574,939

Title: Semiconductor optoelectronics structure with increased light extraction efficiency and fabrication method thereof

Abstract: A semiconductor optoelectronic structure with increased light extraction efficiency and a fabrication method thereof are presented. The semiconductor optoelectronic structure includes continuous grooves formed under an active layer of the semiconductor optoelectronic structure to reflect light from the active layer and thereby direct more light through a light output surface so as to increase the light intensity from the semiconductor optoelectronic structure.

Inventors: Huang; Shih Cheng (Hsinchu County, TW), Tu; Po Min (Hsinchu County, TW), Wu; Peng Yi (Hsinchu County, TW), Lin; Wen Yu (Hsinchu County, TW), Ma; Chih Pang (Hsinchu County, TW), Hong; Tzu Chien (Hsinchu County, TW), Shen; Chia Hui (Hsinchu County, TW)

Assignee: Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc.

International Classification: H01L 33/22 (20100101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017