Patent Number: 8,575,524

Title: Heating plate for workpieces

Abstract: The heating plate (2) for workpieces comprises a heatable body (20) which on a first side has a contact surface (15) for the respective workpiece, at least one heating channel (25) filled with a heating fluid for heating the heatable body (20), which heating channel (25) is formed in and/or on the heatable body (20) opposite the contact surface (15) and heating means (35) for heating the heating fluid. A channel wall (25.1) of the respective heating channel (25) may be inductively heated and the heating means (35) comprise at least one heating device (35.1) for inductively heating the respective channel wall (25.1), the heating device (35.1) being arranged outside the respective heating channel (25) and the heating fluid in the respective heating channel (25) being able to be heated by a transfer of heat which may be generated by means of the heating device (35.1) in the channel wall (25.1).

Inventors: Meisser; Claudio (Cham, CH), Bucher; Markus (Buchrain, CH)

Assignee: komax Holding AG

International Classification: H05B 6/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017