Patent Number: 8,576,951

Title: Mixed-signal radio frequency receiver implementing multi-mode spur avoidance

Abstract: A mixed-signal radio frequency receiver implements multiple spur avoidance modes to reduce or remove spurs or digital noise injection into the received channel to enhance the receiver performance. The multiple spur avoidance modes are reconfigurable to allow a single mode or multiple modes to be selected for use depending on the application. One or more spur avoidance modes can be selected to enhance the performance of the receiver or the modes can be selected to reduce power consumption. The same spur avoidance circuit is used to support all of the spur avoidance modes by reconfiguring the circuit for each mode or each combination of modes. In another embodiment, a clock masking scheme is applied to align analog and digital clock edges to separate digital activities from sensitive analog activities.

Inventors: Mombers; Friederich (Sunnyvale, CA), Porret; Alain-Serge (Sunnyvale, CA), Thierry; Melly (Lausanne, CH)

Assignee: SiGear Europe Sarl

International Classification: H03K 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017