Patent Number: 8,577,053

Title: Ticketing and/or authorizing the receiving, reproducing and controlling of program transmissions by a wireless device that time aligns program data with natural sound at locations distant from the program source

Abstract: A method for providing a ticket and/or an authorization relating to an event may comprise: providing a ticket and/or an authorization configured to be stored on an electronic device; wherein the electronic device is of a type that can receive and reproduce wirelessly received data, and/or can delay and reproduce wirelessly received data substantially in time alignment with natural sound received via the atmosphere. The ticket and/or authorization may enable the electronic device to be used at the event and/or to gain entry to the event; and may further enable the electronic device to also obtain at least one other use related to the event.

Inventors: Simon; Jeffrey Franklin (Doylestown, PA)


International Classification: H04R 27/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017