Patent Number: 8,577,380

Title: Method for an automatic identification of urban dense areas from cell phones records

Abstract: Method for an automatic identification of urban dense areas from cell phones records, by using a computing device that receives as inputs: a geographical region R, a time period .DELTA.t for which dense areas in the region R need to be computed, a set of BTSs in the region R, a set of CDRs generated by individuals during the time period .DELTA.t using the set of BTSs of the region R, a coverage C and a granularity .epsilon.. The method includes constructing a graph G=(V, E), being V=vertexes and E=edges, using Delaunay triangulation, where each vertex v.sub.i of V corresponds to bts.sub.i of BTS in the geographical region R, and each edge e.sub.i,j of E represents connection between bts.sub.i and bts.sub.j; eliminating from E all the edges in E with a distance between two connecting BTS larger than c, so that a desired spatial granularity is ensured; associating a weight w.sub.i,j to each edge e.sub.i,j of E that has not been eliminated, the weight representing the average density of the area covered by bts.sub.i and bts.sub.j during the time period .DELTA.t; constructing a data structure L that contains the dense areas using the edges of E; and applying a "Maximum Spanning Tree" type algorithm to detect dense areas given by the data structure L.

Inventors: Frias Martinez; Enrique (Madrid, ES), Frias Martinez; Vanessa (Madrid, ES), Vieira; Marcos (Madrid, ES), Oliver; Nuria (Madrid, ES)

Assignee: Telefonica, S.A.

International Classification: H04W 40/00 (20090101); H04W 24/00 (20090101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017