Patent Number: 8,577,748

Title: System and method for allocating tickets using a draft

Abstract: The present invention is a system and method that enables individuals, partnerships, companies and any other entity to ease the ownership and administration of ticket lots and other properties by alleviating the difficulties mentioned above. The system achieves this by providing a utility to build ticket or time-share member groups by matching compatible users and to allocate to the group's members shares of ticket lots or access to properties by time-share or rental. The system establishes user compatibility and ticket and property allocation based on requirements, preferences and attributes of the group, the ticket or property, and the system users. For example, a website based on the system of the present invention can be used by a holder of a season ticket package in order to connect with website users seeking a share of such tickets, form a member group of such users that are compatible with parameters set by the season ticket holder, and automatically allocate the tickets equitably to group members based on ticket event attributes, requirements and preferences indicated by the members and ticket allocation rules set by the ticket holder.

Inventors: Tobin, Jr.; Charles Michael (Bethesda, MD)

Assignee: Draftix, Inc.

International Classification: G06Q 30/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017