Patent Number: 8,577,821

Title: Neuromimetic homomorphic pattern recognition method and apparatus therefor

Abstract: A method and apparatus for encoding the amplitude of frequency signals, into a temporal electrical spike pattern and a method for decoding the generated pattern by recognizing and classifying it with a correlating (associative pattern recognition) neuron like device. The first part of the system takes signals and converts their amplitude into a set of timed pulses. The timing of that pulse is a function of the amplitude of the incoming signal. Once a series of timed pulses have been created, they can be sent to a decoder. The decoder circuit uses bandpass filters and delays/gains a low pass summation. The recognition portion compares the timed input spikes with a known sample. Only when the input signals match the sample signals will the amplitudes be sufficient to meet the trigger threshold. When the output spike is generated, a pattern match has been found.

Inventors: Humphrey; Thomas D. (Anchorage, AK)


International Classification: G06F 15/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017