Patent Number: 8,580,328

Title: Salt substitute and composition, for example food composition, comprising it

Abstract: Methods for replacing salt in a food composition comprising substituting all or part of the salt in the food composition with vinegar, while conserving the food composition's gustative, olfactive and physical values the presence of salt instead of the vinegar would give. In various embodiments, the food composition is a product of bakery comprising water, salt, yeast, and flour or a mix of flours. For example, vinegar may replace at least 60% of the salt in the food composition, and may have an acidity of 3% to 10%.

Inventors: Ramy; Hubert (Saint-Denis de la Reunion, FR)


International Classification: A23L 1/22 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2022-11-12 0:00:00