Patent Number: 8,580,575

Title: Reactor plate and reaction processing method

Abstract: Disclosed herein is a reactor plate which prevents the entry of foreign matter from outside and the pollution of an outside environment. The reactor plate includes a sealed reaction well (5), reaction well channels (13, 15, 17) connected to the reaction well (5), and a syringe (51) for sending a liquid to the reaction well channels (13, 15, 17) and the reaction well (5). The syringe (51) has a cylinder (51a), a plunger (51b), and a cover body (51d). The cover body (51d) has flexibility in the sliding direction of the plunger (51b), and is connected to the cylinder (51a) and the plunger (51b) to create a sealed space (51e) enclosed with the cylinder (51a), the plunger (51b), and the cover body (51d). The cover body (51d) is provided to hermetically cut off a part of an inner wall of the cylinder (51a) to be brought into contact with the plunger (51b) from an atmosphere outside the cylinder (51a).

Inventors: Hanafusa; Nobuhiro (Kyoto, JP)

Assignee: Shimadzu Corporation

International Classification: B01L 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2022-11-12 0:00:00