Patent Number: 8,584,368

Title: Position restriction structure of scissors

Abstract: A position restriction structure of scissors includes a main body, a second body, a driving handle, a connecting piece, a restricting piece and a plurality of hinged units, wherein a main hinge hole and a second hinge hole provided for the second body and the driving handle are through and passing through a center portion of the main body, and the second body and the driving handle have a gearing teeth portion and a activating teeth portion engaged with each other. The restricting piece attaches to one side of the second body and driving handle and the hinge unit passes therethrough. The restricting piece clamps the second body and the driving handle through a screw and screw nut of the hinge unit to restrict axial position of the gearing teeth portion and activating teeth portion to prevent the second body from shear forces and to improve durability of the product.

Inventors: Huang; Yao-Chung (Changhua, TW)

Assignee: Ho Cheng Garden Tool Co. Ltd.

International Classification: B26B 13/26 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018