Patent Number: 8,584,370

Title: Absolute value transducer with discontinuity in coded absolute position

Abstract: An absolute value transducer (1) for determining an absolute position (P) of a body (6), with a measured material element (5), as well as a process for determining the absolute position (P) of two bodies (3, 4, 6) in relation to one another. In order to be able to use the absolute value transducer (1) in as flexible a manner as possible and to detect mounting errors of the measured material element (5), provisions are made according to the present invention for a code (K) of the measured material element (5) to have a discontinuity (9) in its course and for the code (K) to be scanned outside the discontinuity for determining the absolute position (P) within the discontinuity (9), and for the scanned absolute values (W) to be combined with an offset value (A).

Inventors: Hiller; Bernhard (Berlin, DE), Loharens; Axel (Berlin, DE), Kirchberger; Roland (Berlin, DE), Schneider; Michael (Constance, DE)

Assignee: Baumer Huebner GmbH

International Classification: G01B 11/26 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018