Patent Number: 8,584,395

Title: Decoy duck apparatus

Abstract: Generally, a decoy duck apparatus of the invention includes a decoy duck body which includes an interior cavity which receives anchor retrieval means. A quantity of tether is wound on a spool portion of the anchor retrieval means, and an anchor is attached to a distal end of the tether. With a first embodiment of the invention, the anchor retrieval means include a spring-powered anchor retrieval mechanism. Preferably, a bottom chamber is located in the decoy duck body below the interior cavity. The bottom chamber is defined by an interior cavity bottom wall and a decoy body bottom wall. A removable and replaceable drain plug located in the decoy body bottom wall for permitting drainage of water out from the bottom chamber. Preferably, a resilient tether guide is interconnected between the interior cavity bottom wall and the decoy body bottom wall. The resilient tether guide receives the tether and wipes water off of the tether when the tether is raised and lowered with respect to the decoy duck body. With a second embodiment of the invention, the anchor retrieval means include a hand-cranked anchor retrieval mechanism.

Inventors: Tonkovich; Scott (Imlay Township, MI)

Assignee: Tonkovich; Scott

International Classification: A01M 31/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018