Patent Number: 8,584,454

Title: Power capture device

Abstract: An electrical power generation device (10) utilising movement of the ocean comprising an elongate column (12) journalled in a support structure (14) for universal movement relative thereto. The support structure is adapted to be secured to the sea bed so that the column is disposed for at least partially submerged universal motion relative to the support structure automatically in response to force transmitted by movement of the ocean in which the support structure and the column reside. The support structure may contain an array of piston and cylinder assemblies (32) in such a construction the supported end (26) of the column is adapted to actuate one or more of the piston and cylinder assemblies in random sequence as a result of movement of the column relative to the support structure. The piston and cylinder assemblies are operatively connected to drive electrical power generators (40).

Inventors: Williams; Ivan Patrick (Shrewsbury, GB), Hepworth; John Malcolm (Rugby, GB), Slater; David Homfray (Kings Caple, GB)

Assignee: Sybre Limited

International Classification: F03B 13/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018