Patent Number: 8,584,512

Title: Method and apparatus for inspecting airfoils

Abstract: To inspect recesses in sides of an airfoil, gauge heads are moved into engagement with the recesses. Fluid pressure is conducted to the recesses while the gauge heads are in engagement with the recesses. A determination is made as to whether the rate of leakage of fluid from the recesses is greater than or less than a predetermined rate. If the rate of leakage of fluid is greater than a predetermined rate, one or more of the recesses is unacceptable. However, if the rate of leakage of fluid pressure is less than the predetermined rate, the recesses are acceptable.

Inventors: Clarke; Kenneth B. (Chardon, OH)

Assignee: PCC Airfoils, Inc.

International Classification: G01B 13/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018