Patent Number: 8,584,730

Title: Easy blinds

Abstract: A vertical window blind assembly remotely controls vertical window blinds. The assembly includes an elongated housing having an elongated opening. An elongated track having spaced channels is coupled to and positioned in the housing above the opening in the housing. Each of a plurality of rollers has a pair of spaced wheels positioned in a pair of channels of the track. Each of a plurality of blinds is coupled to the rollers. A telescopic arm is positioned in the housing extending in laterally parallel spaced relationship to the track. The telescopic arm is coupled to each of the rollers to distribute the rollers in spaced relationship along the track. An extension motor retracts and extends the telescopic arm. A remote control is operationally coupled to the extension motor for selectively actuating the extension motor.

Inventors: Aderinto; Grace F. (Spokane, WA)


International Classification: E06B 9/36 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018