Patent Number: 8,584,830

Title: Transport assembly

Abstract: A device for picking up, transporting and sorting electronic components in particular integrated circuits includes at least one loading device, one transport device, and one unloading device. The transport device has at least one transport wheel which is rotatable around a rotation axis and which has a peripheral face. The transport device also has at least one pick-up module which is arranged at the peripheral face and is suitable for accommodating components. In addition, the transport device is provided with a pressure source which is connected to the pick-up module. The pick-up module has at least one pick-up space for one individual component which extends along the peripheral face and can be moved between an initial position and an end position. The pressure source enables a prescribed pressure to be exerted at the pick-up space by means of which the component can be retained at the pick-up space or can be ejected from the pick-up space.

Inventors: Heigl; Hubertus (Munich, DE), Heigl; Helmuth (Kolbermoor, DE)


International Classification: B65G 17/46 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018