Patent Number: 8,584,904

Title: Liquid soap dispenser for dispensing a mixture of a dish cleaning liquid soap and water

Abstract: A liquid dish cleaning fluid dispenser having a reservoir adapted to receive liquid dish cleaning fluid, a dispensing port located at the bottom of the reservoir and a manually operated cantilevered member pivotally coupled to a plastic support base located below the reservoir and attached to a base member which supports the reservoir. A release lever is located at the end of the cantilevered member for moving downward the cantilevered member and a valve member is located in the cantilevered member which engages the dispensing port in the reservoir to allow cleaning fluid to flow out of the reservoir when the release lever is manually urged to moved downward. The plastic manually operated cantilevered member springs back to it's initial up position to close the valve member to prevent fluid from flowing out of the reservoir when the release lever is no longer manually urged to move downward.

Inventors: Coleman; James Sylvester (New York, NY)


International Classification: B67D 7/06 (20100101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018