Patent Number: 8,585,002

Title: Purse hanger

Abstract: Disclosed herein are purse hanger comprising a housing (1) having a bottom surface (14) and a locking cavity (20), wherein the bottom surface being adapted to rest upon and frictionally engage a flat surface; a first link (3) and a second link (2) pivotally linked to each other; a connection pin (10) extending from a terminal end of the first link (3), wherein the connection pin (10) is rotatably attached to the housing (1) around an axis (15); a locking pin (5) extending from a terminal end of the second link (2); and a frictional element (4) in the housing (1); wherein the frictional element (4) is adapted to frictionally engage with the locking pin (5). In some embodiments, the axis (15) passes through the housing at an angle to the bottom surface (14).

Inventors: Ho; Yat Hung (Hong Kong, HK)


International Classification: F16B 45/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018