Patent Number: 8,585,335

Title: Anchor bolt installation system

Abstract: An anchor bolt installation system comprised of a single-use capsule containing a mono-component anchoring substance for anchoring fastening articles to walls or similar structures. The present invention generally includes an open-ended capsule containing a plurality of apertures formed in an outer wall thereof. A mono-component anchoring substance is placed within a cavity in the capsule. A sleeve is positioned around the capsule and a cap is positioned to cover the opening of the capsule to prevent premature hardening of the anchoring substance. A guide member may be positioned within the opening of the capsule to guide and center a fastener being inserted therein. After removing the outer sleeve and cap, the capsule may be placed within a borehole. A fastener may then be inserted within the capsule, causing the anchoring substance to be excreted through the apertures of the capsule to firmly secure the capsule and bolt within the wall.

Inventors: Carbonelli; Alessandro (Rome, IT)


International Classification: F16B 39/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018