Patent Number: 8,585,354

Title: Turbine ring segment with riffle seal

Abstract: A blade outer air seal with ring segments forming a mate face gap in which a riffle seal is placed to seal the axial gap. The riffle seal includes a horizontal plate and a vertical plate extending from a bottom surface of the horizontal plate and occupies the axial gap space. The bottom end of the vertical extending plate is angled in a direction of rotation of rotor blades and includes ribs that form open slots in the riffle seal. The ring segments include metering holes that discharge cooling air into the slots to discharge film cooling air onto the hot gas surface of the BOAS and cool the ring segments.

Inventors: Liang; George (Palm City, FL)

Assignee: Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: F01D 25/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018