Patent Number: 8,585,644

Title: Peripheral intravenous safety catheter with quick, painless puncture system

Abstract: A Peripheral Intravenous Safety Catheter with Quick, Painless Puncture System (PISCQPPS) and a cannula with a retractile needle mounted in a manually operated bellows mechanism to prevent re-use, avoid accidental perforation and ensure safe disposal. This PISCQPPS offers the advantages of reducing or eliminating pain; reducing the possibility of multiple perforation; reducing the need for experience and technical know-how in the matter of injection; being fitted with a safety system; and easy to use. The PISCQPPS consists of two sequential operating systems-namely, a painless insertion system that is located inside a case, consisting of a catheter, a catheter holder, a trigger guard, a trigger-guard holder, a catheter-holder tube, a cannula, a cannula holder, a spring, a filter holder, and a filter; along with a safety system inside whose case the cannula holder, the cannula and the bellows all operate at the same time.

Inventors: Rodriguez Lelis; Jose Maria (Emiliano Zapata, MX), Arellano Cabrera; Jose Antonio (Emiliano Zapata, MX), Lucas Jimenez; Maria Teresa (Emiliano Zapata, MX), Chalita Vizcarra; Alfredo (Emiliano Zapata, MX), Solorzano Quiroz; Hugo (Emiliano Zapata, MX), Cassaigne Hernandez; Rocio (Emiliano Zapata, MX)

Assignee: Equipos Medicos Vizcarra, S.A.

International Classification: A61M 5/50 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018