Patent Number: 8,585,764

Title: Intervertebral disc prosthesis manufacturing method

Abstract: A method of manufacturing an intervertebral disc prosthesis for insertion into an intervertebral disc compartment between two vertebra includes: a) biometrically determining the shape of a first dome formed within an apophyseal ring of the first vertebra; and b) providing a first constituent element which is provided on one side with a first joint member and has on the other side a first abutment face which abuts against the first vertebra when the intervertebral disc prosthesis is inserted into the intervertebral disc compartment. The first abutment face has a shape that has no rotational symmetry and that has a vertex configured such that the first constituent element can rotate within the first dome by at least when the vertex of the first abutment face contacts a vertex of the dome.

Inventors: Copf, Jr.; Franz (Stuttgart, DE)

Assignee: Spontech Spine Intelligence Group AG

International Classification: A61F 2/44 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018