Patent Number: 8,585,783

Title: Natural dyeing method of fiber using an indigo plant

Abstract: Provided is a natural dyeing method of a fiber using an indigo plant. The natural dyeing method includes dissolving a water-soluble pigment present in leaves of the indigo plant in water to mix the water containing the water-soluble pigment with lime powder and air, concentrating the resulting mixture into an insoluble pigment, mixing the concentrated indigo plant dye with caustic soda to reduce the resulting mixture into a water-soluble pigment through microbial fermentation, immersing a fiber in the soluble indigo plant dye solution to dye the fiber, and bringing the dyed fiber into contact with air to convert the soluble indigo plant dye solution into the insoluble pigment again, thereby completing natural dyeing using the indigo plant. Therefore, the natural dyeing can be performed at a very fast dyeing rate, and the fiber can show excellent color fastness. Also, the fiber cannot be easily discolored by water or detergent, and can be useful in preventing water pollution or dermatitis.

Inventors: Hwang; Su Hwan (Jeonnam, KR)


International Classification: D06P 5/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018