Patent Number: 8,585,897

Title: Cylindrical back washing purification apparatus

Abstract: A cylindrical back washing purification apparatus comprises a main body (1), a cylindrical through hole (2) transversely provided in the main body (1), a plunger (4) slidably connected in the axial direction arranged in the through hole (2), a feed channel (6) and a discharge channel (8) connected with the through hole (2) on the main body (1). The outer peripheral portion of the foreside of the plunger (4) is concaved inward to form an annular cavity (10) with the inner wall of the through hole (2), the annular cavity (10) is connected with the feed channel (6), a "L"-type hole (12) which is connected with the discharge channel (8) is provided on the plunger (4) from fore to back in the axial direction, filtering holes (14) for connecting the annular cavity (10) with the "L"-type hole (12) are opened on the concaved peripheral face of the plunger (4) in the radial direction, a detachable filter screen (15) is coupled with the concaved peripheral face of the plunger (4). A strip (3) contacting with the inner wall of the through hole (2) is arranged in the annular cavity (10) on the plunger (4) in the axial direction; on the outer surface of the plunger (4), a semicircular groove (16) is provided on both sides of the discharge channel (8).

Inventors: Wang; Xun (Zhengzhou, CN), Wang; Zhenbao (Zhengzhou, CN), Wang; Zan (Zhengzhou, CN), Wang; Cao (Zhenghou, CN)


International Classification: B29C 47/68 (20060101); B01D 29/66 (20060101); B01D 35/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018