Patent Number: 8,585,900

Title: Compact upright bioreactor for the elimination of nutrients

Abstract: In accordance with particular process, method and system aspects there is provided a biological manner of treating water/wastewater. Treatment is undertaken in bioreactor configured to treat the water/wastewater through a first process of denitrification followed by a second process of biological phosphorus removal. The bioreactor may be defined by multiple stages arranged in compact vertical alignment, for example, to reduce a footprint of the bioreactor and to feed the water/wastewater between the stages using gravity. The stages may comprise, in order, a Deaeration stage, an Anoxic stage, an Anaerobic stage, and an Aerobic stage. Continuous vacuum operation in the Deaeration stage enhances the physical removal of oxygen and other dissolved gases.

Inventors: Alvarez-Cuenca; Manuel (Toronto, CA), Reza; Maryam (Toronto, CA)


International Classification: C02F 3/30 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018