Patent Number: 8,585,909

Title: Self cleaning high pressure abrasive slurry/fluid check valve

Abstract: This invention relates generally to a method and apparatus to allow high pressure pumping a fluid mixture of solid and/or abrasive particles with a liquid, and separating the fluid mixture into a solid and/or abrasive particle component and a cleaned liquid component. An embodiment includes surrounding the pump plunger/piston, and timely cycling the cleaned liquid to flush the pump check valves to displace erosive solid and/or abrasive material. Consequently, this invention allows for proper check valve sealing, extends the life of check valves, extends the life of the pump, and improves efficiency.

Inventors: McAfee; Wesley Mark (Conroe, TX), Alley; Mark Franklin (Conroe, TX)


International Classification: B01D 21/26 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018