Patent Number: 8,586,241

Title: Synthesis of LIFEPO4 under hydrothermal conditions

Abstract: The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of compounds of general Formula (I) L.sub.a-bM.sup.1.sub.bFe.sub.1-cM.sup.2.sub.cP.sub.d-eM.sup.3.sub.eO.sub.- x (I), wherein Fe has the oxidation state +2 and M.sup.1, M.sup.2, M.sup.3, a, b, c, d, e and x are: M.sup.1: Na, K, Rb and/or Cs, M.sup.2: Mn, Mg, Al, Ca, Ti, Co, Ni, Cr, V, M.sup.3: Si, S, F a: 0.8-1.9, b: 0-0.3, c: 0-0.9, 15 d: 0.8-1.9, e: 0-0.5, x: 1.0-8, depending on the amount and oxidation state of Li, M.sup.1, M.sup.2, P, M.sup.3, wherein compounds of general Formula (I) are neutrally charged, comprising the following steps (A) providing a mixture comprising at least one lithium-comprising compound, at least one iron-comprising compound, in which iron has the oxidation state +3, and at least one M.sup.1-comprising compound, if present, and/or at least one M.sup.2-comprising compound, if present, and/or least one M.sup.3-comprising compound, if present, and at least one reducing agent which is oxidized to at least one compound comprising at least one phosphorous atom in oxidation state +5, and (B) heating the mixture obtained in step (A) at a temperature of 100 to C. and at an autogeneous pressure to reduce Fe to oxidation state +2 and to obtain a compound of general Formula (I).

Inventors: Bramnik; Kirill (Dossenheim, DE), Hibst; Hartmut (Schriesheim, DE), Lampert; Jordan Keith (Ludwigshafen, DE)

Assignee: BASF SE

International Classification: H01M 4/58 (20100101); C01B 25/30 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/19/12018