Patent Number: 8,657,485

Title: Agricultural mixer with hydraulic drive system including jam detection and resolution features and method of using same

Abstract: An agricultural mixer includes a hydraulic drive system. The mixer includes an automatic jam-resolving feature, whereby if an auger becomes jammed, the drive system will cause the auger to rotate in a reverse direction for a period of time to resolve the jam. The hydraulic drive system will maintain a speed of rotation of the auger at a relatively constant rate during mixing while choosing an efficient displacement setting for the hydraulic motor. The auger is maintained at a constant speed during a discharge mode by maintaining the motor in a maximum displacement setting. A clean-out mode is provided wherein the auger is rotated at a maximum speed to aid in cleaning out the last remaining feed mixture in the mixer.

Inventors: Neier; Rodney R. (Dodge City, KS), Butcher; Allin L. (Dodge City, KS), Shafer; James E. (Dodge City, KS), Groening; Ross M. (Dodge City, KS)

Assignee: Roto-Mix, LLC

International Classification: B01F 7/24 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2022-02-25 0:00:00