Patent Number: 8,714,074

Title: Length-adjustable piston cylinder unit comprising a safety device

Abstract: A length-adjustable piston cylinder unit comprises a casing; a guide and sealing unit; a piston rod; a piston; a first interior portion; a second interior portion which faces away from the first interior portion; an adjustment valve; a guide sleeve which is arranged for displacement on the casing, the guide sleeve being secured to the piston rod at a sleeve end and comprising at least one latch opening which is spaced from the sleeve end along the central longitudinal axis; and a latch sleeve arranged on the guide sleeve, the latch sleeve comprising a latch protrusion for engagement into the latch opening, with the latch protrusion of the latch sleeve being arrangeMc in the latch opening of the guide sleeve for arranging the piston cylinder unit in a secured position so that the displaccability of the guide sleeve connected with the piston rod relative to the casing is blocked.

Inventors: Eiletz; Christian (Altdorf, DE), Wunderling; Gerhard (Pegnitz, DE)

Assignee: Suspa GmbH

International Classification: F16J 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018