Patent Number: 8,714,094

Title: Fuel fluidizing nozzle assembly

Abstract: A grate assembly for a fluidized bed reactor includes a plurality of parallel air ducts extending side-by-side in a substantially horizontal plane and defining spaces therebetween through which coarse material from the fluidized bed descends. A plurality of nozzle assemblies is attached to each air duct for supplying fluidizing air from within the air duct into the fluidized bed. Each of the nozzle assemblies includes a nozzle formed from a tube having an inlet end in fluid communication with the air duct, and an outlet end in fluid communication with the inlet end. An orifice is disposed at the outlet end of the nozzle, and the nozzle is bent proximate the outlet end to direct a primary direction of a stream of fluidizing air flowing from the orifice toward the air duct such that an angle .theta. between the primary direction and the substantially horizontal plane formed by the air ducts is between about 30 to about 90 degrees.

Inventors: Bober; Thomas Richard (Amston, CT), Tanca; Michael Chris (Tariffville, CT)

Assignee: ALSTOM Technology Ltd

International Classification: F23G 5/30 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018