Patent Number: 8,714,108

Title: Litter box enclosure assembly and method

Abstract: A litter box enclosure assembly provides a method for diminishing litter box odor within a dwelling space. The assembly includes a dwelling space having an outer wall. The outer wall has an interior surface and an exterior surface. An enclosure has a sidewall positioned adjacent to the exterior surface of the outer wall defining an enclosed interior space. A top of the enclosure has a perimeter edge positioned adjacent to a top edge of the sidewall. The top also has an outer edge abutting the exterior surface of the outer wall whereby the interior space is configured for holding an animal within the interior space. A litter box is positioned in the interior space. An opening is positioned in the outer wall. The opening extends between the dwelling space and the interior space. A door is coupled to the outer wall selectively covering the opening in the outer wall.

Inventors: Mickle; Tom J. (Fernandina Beach, FL)


International Classification: A01K 29/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018