Patent Number: 8,714,173

Title: Walking aid with support

Abstract: A walking aid for use on a support surface is provided. The walking aid includes an elongated member having an upper end and a lower end and defining an interior cavity and a longitudinal axis, a stopper coupled to the lower end of the elongated member, and a support apparatus for supporting the walking aid. The support apparatus is translatable through the stopper and the interior cavity to a retracted position within the stopper and interior cavity, and to an extended position projecting from the stopper. The support apparatus is also biased radially outward relative to the longitudinal axis, and configured to extend away from the longitudinal axis and contact the support surface in the extended position.

Inventors: Rosen; Howard (Oxnard, CA)


International Classification: A45B 9/04 (20060101); A61H 3/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018