Patent Number: 8,714,202

Title: Pipe repair device

Abstract: A repair device for repairing a leaking section in a pipe includes a sealing member of resilient material which fully surrounds the leaking section. The sealing member includes first and second annular sealing faces arranged for sealing engagement with the pipe about a full circumference thereof on opposite sides of the leaking section, and an envelope section fully spanning between the first and second annular sealing faces. The envelope section, the first annular sealing face, and the second annular sealing face are formed of resilient sealing material integrally joined with one another A rigid housing surrounds the sealing member and a clamp compresses the sealing member between the rigid housing and the leaking section of the pipe about the full circumference.

Inventors: Kerr; Stephen A. (West St. Paul, CA), Huber; Cameron G. (Winnipeg, CA)


International Classification: F16L 55/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018