Patent Number: 8,714,215

Title: Protective strip and strip holders for a handle

Abstract: A flexible plastic strip to cover a handle such as, for example, that common to a conventional shopping cart to prevent a shopper's hands from coming into direct contact with the handle. According to a preferred embodiment, a pair of strip holders are detachably connected in surrounding engagement to the handle. The strip holders are spaced from one another and slidable along the handle. Each of the pair of strip holders has a hook projecting therefrom. The ends of the flexible strip are attached to the pair of strip holders at respective ones of the hooks thereof. The flexible strip can be removed from the strip holders and discarded in order to avoid the spread of germs, viruses and other disease-causing micro-organisms which lie on the handle.

Inventors: Badgley; Robert J. (Orange, CA), Roberts; Roger A. (Orange, CA)

Assignee: Morgan Madison, Inc.

International Classification: B65D 85/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018