Patent Number: 8,714,283

Title: Foamer/sulfur scavenger composition and methods for making and using same

Abstract: A new multi-purpose foaming composition having applications in oil field application, industrial applications, waste management applications, or other applications that can be benefited by a foam, is disclosed, where the composition includes a surfactant, a sulfur scavenger and optionally an additive, where the sulfur scavenger and/or additive improve foam characteristics and/or the foam improves an activity of the sulfur scavenger and/or the additives. Method for using and making the foaming compositions are also disclosed, especially, coiled and capillary coiled tubing downhole applications.

Inventors: Gatlin; Larry W. (San Antonio, TX), Curr; Jack (The Woodlands, TX), Smith; Kevin (Houston, TX), Turk; Steve (Conroe, TX)

Assignee: Clearwater International, LLC

International Classification: C09K 8/38 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018