Patent Number: 8,714,343

Title: Container-handling machine

Abstract: There is described container-handling machine comprising a carousel rotatable about an axis and supporting a plurality of holding elements adapted to cooperate with respective containers; and a slip-ring comprising a first rotor rotatable integral with carousel about said axis, and a first stator exchanging, in use, at least one between power and control signals with first rotor and fixed with respect to carousel; container-handling machine further comprises an encoder housed within a cavity defined between first stator and first rotor, adapted to detect at least the angular position of carousel with respect to axis, and comprising a second rotor rotatable integrally with first rotor and a second stator connected to first stator.

Inventors: Secchi; Antonio (Parma, IT), De Vincenzi; Luca (Parma, IT)

Assignee: SIDEL S.p.A. con Socio Unico

International Classification: B65G 47/34 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018