Patent Number: 8,714,348

Title: Poster cup

Abstract: The present invention relates generally to a consumable beverage container, and more particularly to collectible cups including graphical souvenir, art, or thematic elements presented on the exterior surface of the container that remains exposed upon the nesting or stacking of each unit. While such elements may present a cohesive brand or image presence on each cup, the elements also represent a fragment of a larger design that may only be visible upon proper vertical sequencing and rotational orientation of the various individual units within the particular series or collection of containers. The exact geometry of the containers may be counter intuitively formulated to present a larger exposed surface for the presentation of such elements thereby sacrificing the volumetric savings normally associated with the nesting or stacking of equivalently-sized units in a storage or retail setting.

Inventors: Vargas; Rodrigo (Miami, FL)

Assignee: Goldar Investments LLC

International Classification: B65D 85/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018