Patent Number: 8,714,377

Title: Energy absorbing coupler

Abstract: An energy absorbing coupler for railway vehicles includes a coupler anchor, a coupler mechanism supported to the coupler anchor by a deformation tube and draft gear element, and a plurality of energy absorbing devices associated with the coupler anchor. The energy absorbing devices each include two mating components in frictional engagement with one another. Sliding movement between contacting surfaces of the two components occurs when energy is applied to the coupler mechanism, thereby creating friction and dissipating the applied energy at least in part in the form of heat. The two mating components may include a male part, such as a mounting bolt, in mating engagement within a female part, such as a collar. An inside diameter of the collar may be slightly smaller than an outside diameter of the mounting bolt to create a press-fit engagement.

Inventors: Peckham; Jason D. (Greenville, SC)

Assignee: Wabtec Holding Corp.

International Classification: B61G 9/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018