Patent Number: 8,714,497

Title: Tool stand suitable for tools with elongated handles and a combination tool and tool stand

Abstract: A tool stand mountable to a tool having a relatively long handle. The handle has a tool head mounted to the second end of the handle. The tool stand has a pivot member, an axle, a rotational stop arm and a leg assembly. The pivot member is coupled to a handle between the first and second end thereof. The axle is rotatably coupled to the pivot member, with the axle rotation in an orientation that is oblique or substantially perpendicular to a handle. The rotational stop arm is fixed to the axle. The leg assembly extends toward a second end of a handle, with the rotational stop arm and the leg assembly being angled at an angle that is less than The leg assembly, the rotational stop arm and the axle are rotatable about the pivot member between a stowed orientation and an operational orientation.

Inventors: Bricker; Steven J. (DeWitt, MI)


International Classification: A47G 23/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018