Patent Number: 8,714,604

Title: Sanitary pet feces retrieval system

Abstract: A sanitary pet feces retrieval system having a disposable liner features a feces scoop having an elongated handle with a first scooping jaw and a mated, opposing second scooping jaw pivotally located on a handle second end. A lever pivots the first scooping jaw away from the second scooping jaw into an open position for retrieving feces from a ground surface. The system features a bag dispenser located on the handle. Disposable bags are sequentially located on a bag roll. A bag fully covers a scoop inner surface and wraps around to fully cover a first jaw outer surface and a second jaw outer surface. A bag upper lip is located at a first jaw posterior opening and a second jaw posterior opening via attachment to a plurality of jaw eyelets located on a jaw posterior lip.

Inventors: Mihalic; Tammy (Ormond Beach, FL)


International Classification: A01K 29/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018