Patent Number: 8,714,633

Title: Honeycomb-structured floor panel for a vehicle incorporating a fastener element

Abstract: The invention provides a laminated floor panel for a vehicle cabin. The panel comprises a core (1) shaped as a honeycomb and wrapped in outside metal walls (2, 3, 4). A fastener element (5) for fastening vehicle cabin equipment is set back in the panel, being made integrally in a traffic wall (2) of the panel by machining, the traffic wall (2) being derived from a metal plate (9) from which the fastener element (5) and the side walls (4) of the panel are formed by removing material from the metal plate (9).

Inventors: Wary; Alain (Saint Andiol, FR)

Assignee: Airbus Helicopters

International Classification: B62D 27/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018