Patent Number: 8,714,659

Title: Bit arrangement for a mining plough, and mining plough for plough systems

Abstract: A bit arrangement for fastening to a plough-body element of a mining plough for underground mining, particularly of a coal plough for the excavation of steeply disposed coal seams, having a plurality of bit pockets for accommodating, preferably demountably, respectively one bit per bit pocket. In order thereby to create a bit arrangement and a mining plough that can be used advantageously for the excavation of steeply disposed mineral deposits and that render possible economic excavation of such mineral deposits, at least two bit pockets are locked in recesses on a front side of a bit strip, which is provided, on a back side, with at least one groove indentation for the positive engagement of a locking projection on the plough-body element and is detachably fastenable to the plough-body element by means of detachable fastening means.

Inventors: Klabisch; Adam (Dortmund, DE), Hesse; Norbert (Bochum, DE), Siepenkort; Gerhard (Lunen, DE), Duhnke; Klaus (Werne, DE), Bettermann; Diedrich (Unna, DE)

Assignee: Caterpiller Global Mining Europe GmbH

International Classification: E21C 27/34 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018