Patent Number: 8,714,857

Title: Leak-proof container for a liquid cosmetic product

Abstract: A leak-proof container for a liquid cosmetic product is provided with a cap assembly including a cap and a spring activated retaining ring moveably secured to the cap; a dispensing assembly including a flexible dome, a hollow seat, and an applicator retained in the dome wherein the seat is partially disposed in the dome and includes a hollow shank, and a sealing member put on an upper portion of the seat to block any leaking paths through a joining surface of the dome and the seat wherein a bottom of the seat is seated on an intermediate, annular protruding member on an inner surface of the dome in a friction fit; and a reservoir assembly including a shell and a liquid reservoir including a top bossed opening, the reservoir disposed in the shell and the shank lockingly inserted into the bossed opening.

Inventors: Liu; Li-Mei (Diamond Bar, CA)

Assignee: Allen & Thomas Cosmetic Accessories Co., Ltd.

International Classification: A46B 17/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018