Patent Number: 8,714,999

Title: Vehicle transmission and charge device

Abstract: The vehicle transmission and charge device contains a casing, a power conversion module, a cable winding device, and at least a transmission cable. The casing has a number of openings and an axle, and a tongue piece. The power conversion module is inside the casing and contains a transformer module, a power input connector, and a power plug. The cable winding device is inside the casing and contains a wheel base, an elastic element, and a winding module. The winding module contains a power output connector and a circuit board. The transmission cable has one end electrically connected to the winding module and the other end connected to a head piece after running through an opening of the casing. A cigarette lighter plug is connected to the power input connector, and then plugged into a cigarette lighter receptacle of a vehicle.

Inventors: Wu; Sung-Chiang (New Taipei, TW)


International Classification: H01R 11/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018